About Microlife BP Monitors - MAM (Microlife Average Mode)

icon_mam  MAM (Microlife Average Mode)

"MAM Technology" provides superior reliability for blood pressure monitoring both at home and in professional settings. The improvements are achieved by the automatic data analysis of three successive measurements. Superior reliability gives important information to doctors and ensures that treatment plans meet healthcare needs.

Why MAM?

  • Human blood pressure is not stable
  • Blood pressure is a dynamic body parameter with variations over time.

Key advantages - Reduction of:

  • Insufficient rest prior to measurement
  • Movement artifacts
  • Cuff positioning influences

Medical Benefits

  • Improved accuracy
  • Reliable patient self-measurement data for the doctor
  • Safe hypertension diagnostic
  • Reliable therapy control

Measurement sequence

  • With the full measurement cycles, the total measurement time remains less than 3 minutes, compared to a single measurement time of 1.5 minutes.
  • Single result is not displayed.
  • Due to the (Data Analysis) result, a 4th measurement may be applied.

 MAM_flashSee animated explanation in flash (215KB) (Courtesy of www.microlife.com)

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