LW C5 Centrifuge configuration for Arthrex ACP®

The LW Scientific C5 centrifuge can easily be configured for use with the Arthrex ACP® double syringe system. We can supply a special rotor kit that can be used interchangeably with other C5 rotor options.

A special insert has been designed to secure the double syringe in the C5 4-place buckets. The syringe wings slot into the specially designed seat on top of the insert barrel where it is held securely in place. When the syringe is seated in place, the red syringe cap at the bottom of the syringe rests on the bottom of the bucket (bucket not shown). Since the syringe is securely held in place during centrifugation there is no need for a lid on the bucket. See images below. NB Arthrex ACP is a registered trademark of Arthrex.





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