Foley Catheters

cliny_imgSilicone Foley Catheters

Manufactured in Japan, Cliny has a reputation for quality and holds the largest market share of the indwelling catheter market in that country. They are popular here in Australia, the EU and many other countries. Made from silicone, Cliny Foley catheters are designed to help protect the urethra from irritation, and minimize patient discomfort during insertion.

Special features and advantages

  • Catheter with high transparency
    The Cliny Foley catheter is transparent which allows you to accurately know the characteristics of the urine at a glance, such as urine colour, the discharge conditions, and the presence or absence of blood in the urine. When inserting the catheter, it can be instantly checked for correct insertion into the bladder. It can be connected to a urine pack cleanly and easily.
  • Soft catheter
    The Cliny Foley catheter does not stress the urethral mucosa and reduces inflammation and uncomfortable sensations during retention, to a minimum.
  • Excellent water repellency and non-adhesiveness
    The Cliny Foley catheter is almost free from clogged lumen due to adhesion of urine components or of calculus (bladder stones).
  • Radiopaque white line provided
    The radiopaque white line facilitates observation of retention status at the top end of the inserted tube by the use of X-rays.


For Adults: Total length 430mm

Product No. Nominal size Balloon capacity Colour code
05-1312 12Fr 5 ml White
05-1314 14Fr Green
05-1316 16Fr Brown
05-1318 18Fr Red
05-1320 20Fr 10 ml Yellow
05-1322 22Fr Violet
05-1324 24Fr Blue
05-1326 26Fr Black
05-1416 16Fr 20 ml Brown
05-1418 18Fr Red
05-1420 20Fr 30 ml Yellow
05-1422 22Fr Violet
05-1424 24Fr Blue
05-1426 26Fr Black

For Children: Total length 330mm

Product No. Nominal size Balloon capacity Colour code
05-1306 6Fr 1cc Brown
05-1308 8Fr 3cc Red
05-1310 10Fr Yellow

Packaging: Sterilised and packaged in peel bag, 10 catheters per box

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