Sengstaken-Blakemore Tubes

cliny_imgblakemoreAll Silicone Sengstaken-Blakemore Tubes

Type 42

All Silicone

The tube is extremely flexible, and can be inserted or removed without injuring the esophageal mucosa. There is little danger of choking, because blood and other liquids hardly adhere to the wall.

4 Lumens

Having moderate elasticity, the tube is not only easy to insert, but also able to suck and remove efficiently the contents of the stomach, the blood shed from the upper esophagus and saliva, because it has large gastric and esophageal suction lumens.

Fitted with a stylet

It is essential to maintain systemic circulation kinetics and hepatic blood flow when sudden bleeding occurs. Particularly, if it is not possible to find out the site of bleeding, it must be stopped immediately with an S-B Tube. Cliny S-B Tubes are fitted with a stylet, enabling their insertion more rapidly compared with traditional tubes.

The esophageal balloon, achieves a high degree of hemostasis making it safe

A low pressure Cuff balloon with an internal pressure not exceeding 40mm HG at the external diameter of 32mm. As the total length is as short as 140mm, and since the end in the vicinity of the stomach balloons more than the other end, there is little danger of suffocation, and hemostasis can be achieved with an extremely high degree of certainty.

Equipped with a spongy pad

S-B Tubes are also equipped with a spongy pad to be fixed on the naris of the patient, and a clamp which makes it easy to open and close the manometer line.

Easy to use manometer lines

As the manometer lines are branches of the balloon lumen, injections ca be made when the internal pressure is confirmed. The gastric and esophageal manometer lines are distinguishable by colour, namely blue and transparent respectively, thus increasing the safety of operation.

1) Esophageal balloon
2) Gastric balloon
3) Gastric suction opening
4) Esophageal suction opening
5) Balloon confirmation mark
6) Valve for esophageal balloon
7) Esophageal manometer line
 8) Valve for gastric balloon
 9) Gastric manometer line
10) Pilot balloon
11) Clamp
12) Cap
13) Funnel for esophageal suction
14) Funnel for gastric suction
15) Graduation mark
16) Stylet
17) Port for lubrication
18) Connector
19) Inlet for lubricant
20) Spongy pad




Product No. Nominal Size External diameter (mm)
Effective lengh
Side opening Gastric Balloon Esophageal Balloon Depth mark
002-182-0420 18Fr 6.0-850 Gastric suction
opening; 3 holes
Esophageal suction opening; 2 holes
Length; 60mm
Air volume;
Length; 140mm
Internal pressure;
40mmHg at 32mm
outer diameter
Indicated by lines with figures at 25,30,35,40,45 and 50cm from the balloon confirmation mark.

 Package: 1 piece per box, sterillized with Eto gas





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