Foley Catheter Holder



The Dale foley catheter holder is a two inch wide legband, made of exclusive stretch material that fits most adults and children without sliding up and down the leg.


  • Minimizes catheter movement
  • Facilitates catheter traction
  • Prevents skin irritation
  • Discourages patient tampering
  • Latex-free
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    Latex Free
    • Prevents patient or care-giver reaction to latex hypersensitivity
    Two inch wide legband, made of exclusive stretch material fits most adults and children without sliding up and down the leg
    • One size product to fit most patients
    • Maintains position on the leg, whether ambulatory or bed-ridden
    • Legband won't narrow or restrict bloodflow of deep or superficial veins
    Patented locking device is improved over earlier versions
    • Secures all types of foley catheters, including new generation of silicone and "Teflon" coated
    • Easier to apply and move foley's position than previous model
    • Instantly allows clinician to "loop" catheter for greater comfort to prevent meatal movement in the urethra
    • Allows surgeon to secure foley with traction if desired, (e.g. post-TURP)
    Legband can be rotated to move meatal pressure point
    • Clinician can teach patient to rotate the legband 1" in either direction as needed for better comfort
    • Nurses can alternate legs on a periodic basis
    Improves skin care over adhesive tape or adhesive-based holders
    • Quick, tape-free application
    • No shaving of male patients required
    • Eliminates potential for skin breakdown and allergies to tape
    Prevents complications that can increase patient length of hospital stay
    • Reduces nursing labor
    • Prevents meatal irritation that is a causal factor in nosocomial Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
    • Ensures that surgical repair is not compromised by patient tampering
    • Greater meatal comfort helps prevent patients from pulling out their foley catheter



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