Cliny Malecot Catheters

 The Cliny Malecot catheter is also mode of silicone and can be smoothly inserted due to its excellent elasticity. It is winged to ensure secure positioning. Insertion is facilitated by means of a guide wire.



  • Easily expandable wings. When locked to the stylet, the wings are in close contact with the shaft so that the catheter can be inserted smoothly. When unlocked after insertion the wings extend automatically in four directions to secure the catheter in position.
  • The stylet reinforces the catheter during insertion and its smooth inner and outer surfaces allow for  easy extraction and smooth passage of the guide wire.
  • Convenient depth marking. The depth marking, graduated at 1 cm intervals allows the inserted length to be gauged easily, thereby enhancing safety during introduction.
  • Being radiopaque, the catheter can be observed and its retained location accurately monitored.



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