LW Scientific Microscopes

To suit the requirements of various laboratory settings, LW Scientific medical and laboratory microscopes are designed with outstanding features not found on many comparable brands.  Advanced features available on various models include:

  • Achromatic optics (Achromatic or Semi PLAN) with titanium finish
  • Infinity PLAN objectives
  • Rack and pinion adaptable Abbe condenser (N.A 1.25)
  • All optical surfaces are finely polished, sealed and coated with anti-fungal, color correction and hardening agents to improve true color view and long life protection.
  • Tension control knob for making coarse and fine focus adjustments
  • Standard halogen lighting
  • Adaptable Iris diaphragm
  • High quality 10X wide field oculars coated to prevent reflection
  • Stage lock
  • LED illumination
  • Built in Mechanical stage with coaxial drive controls
  • Positive click-stop nose piece
  • Mono, Binocular, Trinocular options
  • USB Video and still image caputure accessories

Popular models include...

Laboratory Microscopes

icon_pdf Mi5 Infinity PLAN Objectives, 4X, 10X, 20X, 40XR, 100XR (oil), LED, Binoc or Trinoc, Specifications/Brochure

icon_pdfi-4 Infinity PLAN & Semi PLAN Objectives, 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X (oil) Specifications/Brochure

 Medical Microscopes

icon_pdfRevelation III-A DIN Achromatic or DIN PLAN Achromatic Objectives, 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X, Monoc or Binoc or Trinoc, Specifications/Brochure


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