Cliny Nephrostomy Catheters

These catheters are designed to be retained percutaneously in the kidney and allow withdraw of urine in case of blockage in the urinary duct due to symptoms such as posterior renal insufficiency.

The Cliny Nephrostomy Catheter is an all silicone long term drainage catheter. The material is designed not to stress the urethral mucosa during insertion, removal, or during use. It is also a great alternative for those with latex allergies.


  • The balloon is shaped specially to enable the catheter to be indwelling or fixed tightly within small spaces.
  • The catheter tip is short and comes in different varieties so it can fit in small spaces in the renal pelvis, where applicable, therefore residue urine is minimised.
  • The radiopaque green line facilitates observation of retention status at the top end of the inserted tube by the use of X-Rays.
  • The funnel/insertion arm can be easily connected to a drainage adaptor.


 Nephrostomy, Urethral catheterisation with minimal residual urine, Ureterocutaneostomy, Enterostomy

Cliny Nephrostomy Balloon Catheter with Removable Funnel

The Cliny Nephrostomy Balloon Catheter has been well received both inside and outside Japan, as a catheter that can be firmly positioned in the renal pelvis requiring only the minimum of space.

It has been on the market since 1979, appearing earlier in Japan than in any other country.

The Cliny Nephrostomy Balloon Catheter is now available with a removable funnel, which can be attached and removed when needed. This catheter is safe and easy to use intrapelvically indwelled in percutaneous nephroureterolithotomy (PNL)




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