Nonin Onyx Vantage 9590 (replacing 9500 & 9550)

  • Onyx_largePulse Oximetry Has Never Been This Easy & Affordable.

Nonin's many years of experience in pulse oximetry innovation have led to the development of the world's smallest self-contained digital fingertip pulse oximeter. Incorporating the electronics and sensor into one unit - the Onyx Vantage 9590 provides a cost effective solution for spot-checks and short-term monitoring. Earning the trust of clinicians worldwide, the Onyx has provided unparalleled reliability and superior performance through its daily use - anywhere, anytime.
TGA Approved for medical use in Australia.
  • Proven Accuracy & Durability - Used by clinicians worldwide
  • Simple - Automatic on/off operation
  • Cost Effective - No additional sensors needed
  • Compact Size - Small enough to carry at all times
  • Efficient - Up to 6,000 spot checks or 36 hours of continual
    operation on two AAA batteries
  • Versatile - One unit works on the widest range of patients
    from paediatric to larger adult patients
  • Uses 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries
Nonin's unique "Pulse Quality Indicator" provides a quick and accurate assessment of pulse quality. This minimizes training needs and allows the health care professional to quickly determine if any interaction is required - such as repositioning the device. The Onyx is ergonomically optimized and meets testing needs ranging from adults to paediatric with finger thicknesses between 0.3 and 1.0 inches (8 mm to 26 mm). The portability and functionality of the Onyx also makes it useful for nearly any situation where a fast and accurate reading of blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate is needed, including:
Cardiopulmonary Care
Emergency Services
Long-Term Care
Outpatient Care
Physician Office
Recovery Room
Respiratory Care

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Onyx Vantage 9590 in the Physicians Office
Patient Care is Enhanced with the Addition of Pulse Oximetry to Routine Vital Signs Monitoring

Nonin has long been known for its innovation in pulse oximetry. By creating small, simple, reliable, and durable pulse oximeters, they have earned the trust of clinicians worldwide. The Onyx® – the original all-in-one digital fingertip pulse oximeter ™ – is a shining example of their unparalleled dedication to accurate and innovative pulse oximeters. But what do physician’s offices around the United States think about the Onyx? To find out, Nonin solicited the feedback of five physician’s offices in Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, and New Jersey. After using the Onyx for over 1,600 on-site spot checks, the response from the field was overwhelmingly positive: a vast majority of participants called the Onyx a convenient, easy-to-use, time-saving device that enhanced patient care.

About the Study

Nonin solicited the feedback of five physician’s offices from throughout the United States. Each location was provided with between two and five Onyx pulse oximeters for use by designated clinicians for 30 days as part of their routine vital signs monitoring practices. Clinicians were instructed to carry the Onyx with them, record SpO2 and pulse rate data when taking vital signs, document any resulting interventions, and provide candid feedback. The following sites participated in the study:

West Health – Plymouth, Minnesota
Midwest Cardiology – Overland Park, Kansas
Stillwater Medical Group – Stillwater, Minnesota
Dupage Medical Group – Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Manmouth Pulmonary Consultants – Long Branch, New Jersey

Patient Interventions

• 7% of spot checks performed during this study resulted in patient interventions. Those interventions included administration of supplemental oxygen, prescription of medications, x-ray administration, hospitalization, and referrals for further evaluation.

Favourite Features

The size, simplicity, and convenience of the Onyx were favourite features among the participating clinicians, who also favoured its automatic operation and unique three-color pulse quality indicator. After testing the Onyx on-site for 30 days as part of their routine monitoring practices, the participant responses speak for themselves:
97% of participants reported that the Onyx enhanced patient care.
100% called the Onyx “easy” or “very easy” to incorporate into their routine vital signs monitoring.
99% called the Onyx a time-saver.
97% said they would purchase an Onyx.
Ease of use and convenience were essential concerns for clinicians, who were impressed with the Onyx’s size and portability. One participant happily reported, “I was able to keep the Onyx in my pocket, rather than walking to the nurse’s station to get it from a drawer.” Participants also appreciated the Onyx’s automatic on/off feature, and were glad that it required no setup or adaptive devices. Participants were impressed with the fast, reliable readings they obtained from the Onyx. For them, the speed of the Onyx equated to greater patient satisfaction.

Consider the following responses from the field:

Our physician liked the idea that the nursing staff had the Onyx so readily available. It provides immediate access – you can get oxygen information and inform the doctor right away.
The Onyx allows healthcare providers to triage patients with chest pain and shortness of breath while they are in the waiting room.
The Onyx is a great tool for determining the urgency of intervention for patients with asthma or shortness of breath.
The Onyx is a great tool for providing reassurance about oxygenation levels to patients with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
With its rapid results, the Onyx allows clinicians to provide better patient care – with more patient contact.
Patients are curious about the Onyx, and that curiosity gives healthcare providers a great opportunity to teach patients about pulse oximetry.
Patients are very happy to know their oxygen levels.

For these physicians – and thousands of other satisfied customers – Nonin’s Onyx is an easy-to use time-saver that improves patient care. This small, durable, accurate, dependable, and remarkably simple device is the perfect tool for making pulse oximetry a part of your routine monitoring practices.

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