Venoscope II - Sclerotherapy

"I have been using the Venoscope®, Model VSK1001, for the past five years and it has proven to be invaluable in imaging deep reticular veins, even beneath matted spider veins, for sclerotherapy treatment. I also use it to mark veins pre-operatively for ambulatory stab avulsion phlebectomy procedures, and I occasionally use it intra-operatively. I have tested the new Venoscope® II with its LED light array and find it to be even more effective than the previous version. I consider the Venoscope® II to be a "must have" device for every physician practicing sclerotherapy or ambulatory phlebectomy. It makes the procedures easier, quicker and more effective.
Thank you most kindly for the opportunity to test the new model and I commend you for your contributions to improving the quality of care for patients with venous disease."
James C. Ingram, Jr., MD, FACS
Director, Vein Centers of Louisiana
Lafayette, LA

 "I’ve used the Venoscope® for 18 months in my practice of phlebology. I couldn’t imagine practicing without this ingenious device. Matting? Blushing? Good luck treating these nuisances without a Venoscope®! This handy light resides in my coat pocket. I can pull it out anytime to unravel the feeding system of complex telangiectasia. I can map out many complex systems without resorting to a duplex.
I am very excited about the new Venoscope® II. During my test of the prototype, I found it to be much more powerful without the need for dimming the lights. And the cost of the unit, around $150, is incredibly inexpensive for any tool that will prove to be used not daily but, rather, hourly by anyone in the practice of phlebology (not to mention its usefulness an IV technician or a paediatric nurse on the hunt of the all-to-common elusive intravenous access).
Congratulations on a fine product that will be a "sell-out", and please reserve three of them for me."
Sanford J. Greenberg, MD
Medical Director, The Vein Doctor
Palm Desert, CA

"I wanted to express my appreciation for the opportunity to use the new Venoscope ® II as it is the most user friendly transillumination device I have used to date. The placement of the LED lights on the handpiece appears to be optimal for excellent visualization of reticular and superficial varicose veins on our patient’s legs and at other sites. This new device appears to be a significant technological improvement for convenient, easily portable transillumination of our patients’ veins as it applies to injection compression sclerotherapy and ambulatory phlebectomy.
Thank you for providing a greatly improved transilluminator."
Rick K. Wilson, M.D.
Member of American College of Phlebology
Plano Dermatology
 "The Venoscope® has become an indispensable tool in my phlebology practice. (I have two, just in case one breaks down). I held on to the original version until it pretty much fell apart. The Venoscope® II entered my life just in time. It is surprisingly lightweight and even more powerful than the original. It even serves as an effective marketing tool. When patients clearly see the offending reticular vein feeding their telangiectasias, their confidence level in me goes up. The Venoscope® allows almost 100% vein entry and allows accurate assessment of extent and completeness of treatment. No other device comes close.
Dr. Wayne Gradman
Los Angeles, CA


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